esmaspäev, 23. oktoober 2017

Cold breeze of Autumn

Getting more closer to the winter, darker mornings and early evenings. All I want to do is feel as cosy as I possibly can. Also, black has become my favourite colour recently and all kind of grey shadows. Maybe it's London and I keep finding myself more melting into the crowd. I was laughing before how the people in this city does not know how to wear colour and now I've become one of them. I call it a karma I guess. But black has always been classical so I guess I don't get anything wrong at this point. 
Next month I've been visiting even colder and darker country named Estonia. Yes, I will be coming back home for a whole week. So I cannot wait to see all my friends and family who I miss so much. 
I'm still blessed to have few Estonian friends here so I don't feel completely stranger to my language. For example last Sunday I met up with Ruts who I was so happy to see because it's been ages when we last hang out. Of course, we had to shoot some outfit pictures for the gram and my blog. 
So please enjoy this outfit post and those lovely photos taken by Ruts

Leggings and boots from Zara
Coat and hat H&M

laupäev, 14. oktoober 2017

Stripy autumn

Red, blue and white stripes. Sounds like a perfect colour combination to me. 
Outfit from H&M trend. 

Pics by Laura Saimre