teisipäev, 19. september 2017

Cozy oversized knits

Hi to everyone! I think autumn has officially arrived to London. It's still hard to make myself understand that there are no more sunny nights and long days to look forward to. I just came back from Portugal and I'm still struggling to change my wardrobe completely and not to dress up like there is 25 degrees outside, which most people in London do. 
To be honest it's a perfect layering weather outside and a moment when you can just roll around with your biggest knitwear pieces for this season. For this outfit, I'm wearing a Zara basic knit, which I bought from Porto. I was so amazed how cheap Zara is there comparing to London, can't wait to go back.And just to add some pop of colour I paired it with Zara mustard paper waist trousers and some simple red pointy toe flats.
Hope you enjoy! xx

Cozy Autumn inspo