pühapäev, 21. mai 2017

White dream

Time flies way too fast. I remember so clear when it was the beginning of May and now we are almost in June.  I can barely blink my eyes and days go bye. Sometimes I just wish to stop time to enjoy those good times longer which turn into memories too quickly or travel back in time. Yes, I know we should enjoy every single day but some days are not the best. Like today for example. But it's okay to feel down sometimes and unmotivated, I guess that's life.  
Tomorrow is a Monday and we can have a fresh start to the new week. Hopefully week full of positive vibes and motivation. 
Stay on track everyone! 

When it comes to my outfit I decided to wear my super oversized white dress with my skinny high waisted denim and Zara slippers. Perfect outfit for a Sunday stroll in Canary Wharf. 

Pics by Laura Saimre

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