esmaspäev, 29. mai 2017

Shoreditch vibes

When your girl is back in town and you get back to together to shoot some pictures. We headed to Shoreditch this time.
It's just amazing how many different environments you can find in London. Starting with fancy Notting Hill and ending up with party heaven Shoreditch with its cool hipster vibe. 

Pictures by Ruts

Top and Loafers H&M, Trousers Zara, Jacket Mango

Enjoy xx
pühapäev, 21. mai 2017

White dream

Time flies way too fast. I remember so clear when it was the beginning of May and now we are almost in June.  I can barely blink my eyes and days go bye. Sometimes I just wish to stop time to enjoy those good times longer which turn into memories too quickly or travel back in time. Yes, I know we should enjoy every single day but some days are not the best. Like today for example. But it's okay to feel down sometimes and unmotivated, I guess that's life.  
Tomorrow is a Monday and we can have a fresh start to the new week. Hopefully week full of positive vibes and motivation. 
Stay on track everyone! 

When it comes to my outfit I decided to wear my super oversized white dress with my skinny high waisted denim and Zara slippers. Perfect outfit for a Sunday stroll in Canary Wharf. 

Pics by Laura Saimre

laupäev, 13. mai 2017

Baby pink with touch of silver

One of my favourite looks lately. My cropped baby pink shirt with a shiny silver skirt. Perfect outfit to enjoy those warm days in London. I'm sorry I haven't been very active with my blog lately, I'm just lacking a little bit of time. I feel that my work is literally taking over my life for last few weeks and on my days off I just want to relax.  I can't wait for next 3 months when I have my holidays. I really need a time off from London for a bit. 

Sending kisses to all of you! Talk to you soon xx