teisipäev, 7. märts 2017

Touch of pink in H&M

Pink ruffles and denim make you feel like the spring is almost here. Unfortunately not yet, we need to wait a little bit more. But this does not mean that you can't wear colorful and fun clothes already. I think my color for this season is definitely pink and especially bright pink. It's time for me to welcome back my colorful side again because during the winter I almost wore black every single day. 
With this look, I decided to go for a simple girlfriend fit denim trousers, which has been my favorite purchase lately. For me, it's always a problem to find a perfect denim because they just don't fit me. I prefer not to wear so much denim but after trying this pair on I knew I've found my perfect pair. 
It's a big surprise because I've never bought a denim from H&M, but I can really recommend this everyday girlfriend fit pair for you. 
And if you are wondering about the shirt then this is from H&M Trend.

Pictures by Ruts Photography