esmaspäev, 20. märts 2017

Bellissima makes your life easier

 For me, the most important thing is to feel comfortable. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to collaborate with one of my favorite brand Belissima. They always make sure that I'm packed up with their latest products. For me, it's so hard to find comfortable and fitted tights that support my body and make my legs look good. But Bellissima's high-quality products guarantee that perfect finish for my feminine outfits. This time I had the chance to try on so many different products and choose my favorite ones.
I'm a person who likes to wear my tights more than 1 time. With Bellissima's latest collection products I can be sure that I do not need to worry about my tights all day.

Here are my favorites from Bellissima's new collection

The latest trend, for now, is to have the most shaped bottom and a perfect booty. I would lie if I said that you can fix that with shaping tights. Unfortunately not, you need to work your ass off at the gym to get it but I'm pretty sure right clothing can help you a little bit. So if you have looked for a perfect pair of shaping tights then please, I highly recommend Bellissimo's shaper-push up tights from their latest collection. The pair I go for is 40 DENs. They are sheer tights, matt, with a control top to flatten your tummy and shape your bottom.

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If you feel that your booty is good enough but you just want to control your top to give you this perfect flatten tummy look then I recommend going for Bellissima's shaper-control top model. They are super comfortable and relaxing your legs while wearing them. All of them are high quality and made in Italy.
Click HERE to find this amazing pair.

Last but not least I will go for this everyday pair Mirco 120 DEN tights with cotton gusset. I always like when my tights are more than 70 DEN's because they always least longer and look better on me.
Be sure you check out my favorite model from HERE

Also, this time I had a chance to try out Bellissima's lingerie. I wasn't so impressed at the beginning but the moment when I tried it one it looked perfect on my body. I've never tried on they lingerie before but I'm sure this will not gonna be my last pair that I'm gonna own. It fits very well and the design is very simple but elegant at the same time. I went for a simple black push-up bra and a matching bottom.
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Be sure you check out all of their great products.