kolmapäev, 29. märts 2017

Nude tones and spring weather in London

Spring has found it's way to London. This Sunday me and Ruts did our last photo shoot together because she will be moving away from the UK next week and this is the end of our journey. Really gonna miss this one here. 
But anyways I don't want to write a lot this time because it's all about the pictures what we took. I went for all nude outfit. Playing with baby pink shadows and light beige stilettos. I added my oversized blazer with a hoodie underneath to make it little bit more tomboy. 
Stay cool babes and talk to you soon!

Clothes H&M / Shoes Primark 

Enjoy xx
pühapäev, 26. märts 2017

Tallinn Fashion week part 2

During the second day of Tallinn Fashion Week, we saw collections from Monton, Diana Arno, Goldtime, Triinu Pungits and Embassy of Fashion which includes designs from Aldo Järvsoo, Riina Põldroos and Ketlin Bachmann.
I think my overall favorites from the second day were Riina Põldroos and Monton. And of course I need to mention the jewelry collection from Goldtime. We saw the designs from Tanel Veenre, New Vintage by Kriss, Birgit Skolimowski and Monquer.

The day was opened by Monton’s collection. This collection was specially made for Tallinn Fashion Week. Collection’s name is „Duality“. We can spread the collection in two parts. The first part shows the icy island and the other is a reminder of hot Cuban inspiration. There were 30 designs all together.
In the first part of the collection, we saw very tonal color palette. Mostly from gray to black with a touch of white. Long white maxi dresses with see-through materials were my personal favorite. Also in Monton’s collection, we had a chance to see the sporty socks element. Again good styling, but we’ve seen in before like I mentioned in my last post. They added the tulle for a lot of dresses which in my opinion didn’t go together with all outfits. Example, the black and white embroidered sleeveless dress layered with tulle and styled with sporty socks, skinny denim and silver heels. In my opinion, it was a little bit too much and the cut of the dress wasn’t very flattering. Also, my least favorite the silver bodysuit with the bomber jacket looked a little bit off. Maybe it was the fault of the model who didn’t wear it fierce enough. That’s another point for the designer it is very important to choose your models wisely. They are the first people who present your collection to the public so better be sure that the person rocks it on the runway.
I was very impressed with men’s collection and the styling they had done. Shorts with leggings, interesting bomber jackets and jumpsuits are quite a strong choice for any Estonian guy.
The other part of the collection was inspired by Cuban vibes like I said before. My ultimate favorite from this part was the long flower pattern kimono. I really would wear this every single day during the spring. Just style it with cool denim, mules and simple white T, uhh sounds like a dream to me.  Also, the ruffles were quite a keyword for Monton’s TFW collection. The second part also brought a lot of colors for men’s which is making me super happy. I would love to see guys in Estonia doing a little bit of color blocking with their outfits. Something little bit bolder but definitely worth trying.

Next on the stage was Diana Arno with her pastel colors collection. The eye catchers for this collection were definitely the flower accessories. They perfectly matched with all the outfits that we saw on the runway. Again I had my favorite which was the light violet coat with big square pockets on both sides. Styled with this huge flower scarf which was breathtaking. I would really wear every single coat from this collection I saw. My second favorite thing were the long maxi dresses with a very low back line, which makes them so sexy and wearable on warm spring and summer days.

I was very impressed with the Goldtime accessories collection which brought a lot of diversity to the stage. The only things I wasn’t a fan about were the basic white t-shirt and basic denim with heels. We were discussing with Pilleriin and maybe more suitable would have been long black bodysuits which make the accessories pop out even more. I know it wasn’t about the outfits in this show but still, it would add something extra to it. Basic T’s and denim are too boring on the runway to even consider this option.  But if we talk about the collection overall for me it was quite amazing. Ultimate favorite was the clock which was braided into the hair, I will give my 10 points to that.

Last part of the show brought to the stage Triinu Pungits and Embassy of Fashion. Triinu Pungits collection was my least favorite one from the second day. The dark brown colors have never been my favorite ones and if someone makes the collection out from this color I just cannot relate. The only things which caught my attention were the colorful bodysuits which I would definitely wear and the big oversized pattern coats.

Embassy of Fashion gave us a chance to see a big variety of amazing evening dresses which made me feel like a princess.  Aldo Järvsoo’s bold colors and feminine cuts were something that every confident woman would like to wear. Ketlin Bachmann didn’t surprise me in any way and for me, the collection wasn’t flattering at all. Starting with the styling of colorful tights and finishing with a mixture of too many patterns and materials. For me, there is a line of „go crazy“ styling and sometimes it just doesn’t work out in a good way. This collection is a very good example that all the patterns don’t complete each other and as a designer, you need to be very careful with this. There is a very thin line between getting it wrong or right. Maybe the garments would work with a different styling but definitely not the way it was put together for this show.

We finished TFW with Riina Põldroos’s collection which for me was one of the best ones.  My personal style is not that feminine and I rarely wear long maxi dresses with flower prints but in this collection there just was something what I really liked. My most favorite outfit was the black jumper with unicorn details and long sheer skirt with black flowers. Also, the outfit with long pink wide trousers and matching flower top stole the show. All the dresses I saw in this collection made my heart beat faster and I’m really dreaming wearing them. Time to discover my feminine side I guess.

So this was my overview of Tallinn Fashion Week. I was really happy that I got a chance to visit it and can’t wait to come back to the next one. I’m already back in London and actually sitting in a cafe at the moment writing this post for you guys. London is full of sunshine and warm weather at the moment and I’m gonna go now and enjoy this vitamin D weather.

Here some of my favorite pics from the runway. Enjoy babes
NB! I do not own any of these pictures. Pictures by Erlend Štaub


Diana Arno

Riina Põldroos

kolmapäev, 22. märts 2017

Tallinn Fashion Week shows

So hello all my fashion lovers. It’s time to make my second TFW post which this time is all about the shows that I saw during my first day. I didn’t attend the very first day of the fashion week because I was traveling to Estonia on that day.When it comes to fashion weeks then I’m always super excited to see something inspiring that will make me jump from my chair and clap my hands. When I’m writing this post I want to be completely honest with you. So that’s the reason I will tell you that unfortunately none of the shows made me do it this time. Of course, I had my favorites from styling wise but I feel that all the shows that I saw during the 2 days didn't bring anything new to the table. 

On the first day, we saw 5 different collections. Which were Kadi Kuur, Mammu Couture, Year by Raivo Holm, Diana Denissova and Iris Janvier.

Kadi Kuur brought to the stage a large range of wedding and evening dresses. Light colors, embroidery and crochet details were the center of this collection. We even gotta see some of the jumpsuit versions of a wedding dress which were quite interesting. For me, they should have had a little bit more attention to the styling. Some looks were ruined by the visible bra. For me, it would have been cool to go even nude under the lace dress.  Also, for the next time please take in mind that maybe it’s better to steam all the dresses which will go on the stage because creased dresses will make the whole look quite cheap. 

Mammu Couture was the second show of the night. The collection was full of very cute dresses and feminine pieces. All the collection was in pastel colors which made it look even more cuter. I really loved the bow details on the garments but sometimes it’s not good to have so many on each dress. There were some dresses with bow details on the sleeves, collar and even for the belt. For me, that was the reason why some of the looks were ruined. Details are nice but only in a certain amount. 

YEAR by Raivo Holm went back to minimalistic everyday outfits. Color range was more or less from beige to black.  I felt a lot of Scandinavian vibes when I look back to the collection. I think a lot of people can relate to this collection because it is very easy to wear and style. To be honest it was one of my favorite ones just because they kept it very clean and didn't do anything over the top.

Diana Denissova’s collection was the high point of the night. Like I said in the beginning of the post I really come to the shows to feel inspired and get some new cool ideas how to style my outfits. This collection was far from inspiring outfits, color flow, and cuts. I really felt embarrassed to sit there and look at this collection on the runway. I really wouldn’t wear any of the designs from this collection.  Some of the outfits reminded me my grandmother’s old closet. The prints they decided to use were not trendy or anything current or cool. I obviously understand the age range for who this collection is designed but honestly, I couldn't imagine anybody looking good in this. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking this but I’m also sure there is a lot of potential clients for her. Just seeing this on a Fashion Week runway was a bit too much. 

Iris Janvier finished the day with her collection. I’m really a fan of the styling and how they decided to put together the outfits. But they didn’t bring anything new to the table. Styling with sporty socks and fancy sandals have been around quite some time now. Starting with Jeremy Scott who was one of the first ones who brought it to the runway and rest of the world followed. Also, the big waist belts with straps are already on the market from last year. For me, it just feels that we are one step behind with fashion in Estonia. Or the ones who actually create something new and cool don’t have a chance to bring to the Fashion Week. But overall Iris and her girls nailed it anyway and like a said their show almost got me jumping on my chair. Just next time I would like to see something out from the box, even form styling wise. It’s always easy to copy but to create something as a designer that rest of the world will follow is a challenge. 

NB!I do not own the following pictures. Pictures by Erlend Štaub

Kadi Kuur

Mammu Couture

YEAR by Raivo Holm

Diana Denissova

Iris Janvier

esmaspäev, 20. märts 2017

Tallinn Fashion Week

This is my first look for Tallinn Fashion Week. To be honest I wasn't ready for this cold weather. Beginning of the week I was enjoying Moroccan hot weather and now I had to switch over which wasn't easy. I had such a busy 4 days in Tallinn this time. Fashion week took most of it. I will write a longer post about all the shows and my opinion about the designs that I saw during the two days. But now I just wanted to share my first look before I'm flying back to London in an hour. I always love coming back home and seeing all those familiar faces around me. 

For the first look, I went for this dress dungaree what I styled up with my basic white t-shirt, black ankle boots and of course whenever I wear a dress I always go for Bellissima's tights because they are the most comfortable ones. 

Pictures by WhyKats
Clothes by H&M
Tights by Bellissima link here

Enjoy xx

Bellissima makes your life easier

 For me, the most important thing is to feel comfortable. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to collaborate with one of my favorite brand Belissima. They always make sure that I'm packed up with their latest products. For me, it's so hard to find comfortable and fitted tights that support my body and make my legs look good. But Bellissima's high-quality products guarantee that perfect finish for my feminine outfits. This time I had the chance to try on so many different products and choose my favorite ones.
I'm a person who likes to wear my tights more than 1 time. With Bellissima's latest collection products I can be sure that I do not need to worry about my tights all day.

Here are my favorites from Bellissima's new collection

The latest trend, for now, is to have the most shaped bottom and a perfect booty. I would lie if I said that you can fix that with shaping tights. Unfortunately not, you need to work your ass off at the gym to get it but I'm pretty sure right clothing can help you a little bit. So if you have looked for a perfect pair of shaping tights then please, I highly recommend Bellissimo's shaper-push up tights from their latest collection. The pair I go for is 40 DENs. They are sheer tights, matt, with a control top to flatten your tummy and shape your bottom.

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If you feel that your booty is good enough but you just want to control your top to give you this perfect flatten tummy look then I recommend going for Bellissima's shaper-control top model. They are super comfortable and relaxing your legs while wearing them. All of them are high quality and made in Italy.
Click HERE to find this amazing pair.

Last but not least I will go for this everyday pair Mirco 120 DEN tights with cotton gusset. I always like when my tights are more than 70 DEN's because they always least longer and look better on me.
Be sure you check out my favorite model from HERE

Also, this time I had a chance to try out Bellissima's lingerie. I wasn't so impressed at the beginning but the moment when I tried it one it looked perfect on my body. I've never tried on they lingerie before but I'm sure this will not gonna be my last pair that I'm gonna own. It fits very well and the design is very simple but elegant at the same time. I went for a simple black push-up bra and a matching bottom.
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Be sure you check out all of their great products. 

teisipäev, 7. märts 2017

Touch of pink in H&M

Pink ruffles and denim make you feel like the spring is almost here. Unfortunately not yet, we need to wait a little bit more. But this does not mean that you can't wear colorful and fun clothes already. I think my color for this season is definitely pink and especially bright pink. It's time for me to welcome back my colorful side again because during the winter I almost wore black every single day. 
With this look, I decided to go for a simple girlfriend fit denim trousers, which has been my favorite purchase lately. For me, it's always a problem to find a perfect denim because they just don't fit me. I prefer not to wear so much denim but after trying this pair on I knew I've found my perfect pair. 
It's a big surprise because I've never bought a denim from H&M, but I can really recommend this everyday girlfriend fit pair for you. 
And if you are wondering about the shirt then this is from H&M Trend.

Pictures by Ruts Photography