pühapäev, 22. jaanuar 2017

Those sunny weekends that we love

It's absolutely perfect winter morning here in London. Sunshine with a little bit of frosty air makes me feel I just want to drink hot tea all day long and have an endless walk along the canal. Instead of this I'm in bed now and preparing this post for you guys. I did wake up around 9, did a quick shoot with Laura in Canary Wharf because of the amazing weather and afterward came back home. I really enjoy Sunday mornings here in Canary because streets are basically empty and you won't see people rushing around like a usually middle of the week.
Yesterday I met up with Ruts and whenever this happens we will always be sure that we capture some outfit photos. I went for all grey and black look with a little touch of red. I decided to go for a silver pleated skirt and to be honest, I think these skirts are the biggest trend for this autumn/winter. You can find them in every color and every store you pop into. And I think they are very simple to wear. In my point of view, you don't need to put in so much effort to look cool. 

Pictures by RUTSphotography
Clothes H&M

Enjoy xx