pühapäev, 23. oktoober 2016

Biggest trend this winter?

Every fashionista should own a puffy jacket. At the moment, it's kinda must-have for this winter. The key look is to dress it with leggings and oversized knitwear. This is actually  the first time I mix my training clothes with my everyday outfit. Feeling so comfortable that I don't know if I ever wanna wear normal pants again. Okay joking, but yes feel free to play around your clothes this season. It's all about mix and match different styles. And don't forget to add some pair of high heel boots to make it look edgier. 
 I got my jacket from Topshop which is from the Ivy Park new collection. Seriously, it's worth the money. Probably one of the warmest thing I ever bought. 
If you are interested from where to buy one then stay tuned I will make a wishlist with the coolest ones from the online stores later this week. 

Sending thanks to Anita who made some photos of me yesterday. 
Jacket Topshop / Leggings H&M Sport / Boots H&M Trend / Knitwear Zara

Enjoy xx