neljapäev, 18. august 2016

That causal Thursday or what..?

That khaki short jacket, A-line buttoned skirt, mesh socks, sneakers and last but not least, a backpack. This kinda sounds like perfect summer outfit for me. Because London is so busy and especially this time of the year when it's summer I absolutely love comfy outfits. This city is all the time so overcrowded that the last thing I want to worry about is my outfit when I enter the tube on the rush hour or just wanna stroll around the city. Summer is soon over and it's time to get cozy again, but it actually feels like summer just started. At least, here in London. I'm pretty all my Estonian readers have been enjoying summer quite a bit for now. So shopping jackets and knitwear will be soon on my list! 
I think overall on my shopping list will be a leather jacket, ankle boots and long knit dress which I can style up with lace tops or opposite way. And lately, I've been feeling those big waist belts which were IN when I was like 16. And believe me I was a fan. They would be perfect for styling those long maxi dresses or what do you think? Anyways I'm always excited when a new season starts, I've got so many ideas what I want to wear and I can't wait for this! At least here autumn is a lot warmer than in Estonia so I can enjoy this cool layering without freezing outside. But like 70% of my wardrobe is still in my apartment in Estonia especially all my autumn and winter stuff. But no worries soon I will make a quick visit and bring all of this here. 
Okay, this post will end here now because I'm way too tired of this week and I need to do a quick power nap before I start looking for flats. Yes, we are moving next month and I can't wait to get out of this madness! If you been following me on my Snapchat you know our struggle(this is hilarious). 
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Outfit all H&M

Enjoy xx