pühapäev, 31. juuli 2016

Street style

Every day it feels more home, every day it makes me miss Estonia less. I don't even know what's the reason, probably getting more used to this city and lately we've been enjoying London the most. Going out all the time, meeting new and exciting people, new job and environment . Finally, after 5 months it feels like things are falling more into place and I'm so happy about it. Or we maybe we just have changed our mindset and we just live more in the moment than we ever had. I've always been worried about my future and how things will work out eventually. But to be honest I stopped worrying about since I moved to London. Here you just learn to live in the moment, people take life more easily than in Estonia. It was very strange for me at the beginning but now I'm just going with the flow. I'm seriously happy and feeling such a joy each day, even when I'm tired. Last month has been extraordinary for me, I've met people who make me feel like home, have had the best training experience in H&M which has taught me so much more than I expected in the beginning and the most important I've understood what I want. 
Of course, I will never say that London is the perfect place to live because it's not. I still miss my 20-minute walks to the city center, warm summer nights in Estonia with my best friends, countryside, not crowded public transport and my family. But at the same time, no other place in the world will offer me this excitement than this place here. 

So if you wanna enjoy my outfit then I'm already feeling the Autumn vibes. The new trend for this A/W is oversized sleeves. I styled my knitwear with my navy blue jogger pants from Zara. I recommend them to everybody because they are one of the most comfortable trousers I've ever bought. They come in 3 colors - khaki, navy blue and black and are available HERE.
I think whenever you want to wear jogger pants try to style them up with something not so sporty. Go for glittery shirts, knitwear, slip dress with lace, high heels or oversized leather jacket. These would be my perfect choices for styling up the jogger pants. Basically, try everything you would never wear with jogger pants. Most people would choose basic white T and a sporty jacket. I would go the opposite way. 


Knitwear H&M Trend, Waistcoat H&M Divided, Trousers Zara, Shoes Zara