pühapäev, 12. juuni 2016

Rainy Sundays

I haven't been writing like ages. It seriously feels like months but actually it's not that bad. I think I had a bit of a step back and I just didn't feel to write any posts and had to figure some stuff out. Next week it will be exactly three months since I moved here and I can honestly say it feels a lot more. I feel like I've been here for ages. So if you think a lot of things been going on then you are very wrong at this point. People still are asking and kinda feeling disappointed when we say that we haven't had any major life changes in the past month. It's just something that nobody understands except the people who have moved to another country. Because London is so big then things take 100x more time and even when we apply to our dream jobs or what so ever, we also get a lot of NO answers. Which at the beginning got me very down and I felt quite sad. But now I don't even react to this kind on calls or emails. I just say "Thank you for letting me know and have a nice day" I forget the things and won't let them bother me. Also, never believe anything when things actually happen.People here have promised me so many interviews and they have never happened. So another thing I've learned and getting used to. In the past three months, I've grown so much as a person and it's hard to believe. This city has so many personalities and nationalities that it keeps me amazed every day. For me, London is the city where I see myself living more than 1 year because it offers so much, so many chances to take and people to meet. I have met people from Spain, Italy, South-Africa, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Turkey, New-Zealand, Japan, France,India and I'm definitely forgetting something at the moment but can you actually see how many nationalities are here. So I think I sometimes don't even understand that I live in the craziest metropolitans in the world. 
The best thing I have learned here is that no-one or any kind of bad situation that you may not like don't deserve your energy. The best thing is just to let it be because you can't change it. 
For example, the other day I waited for the metro for 50 minutes and had to travel ages to get to work. But I didn't even get angry or frustrated about it. Cause at the end of the day you can't do anything about it and it's weird that people don't even care when you are late. They just say "okay for an answer".
Second thing is that when you are on the crossroad with your life then London is the best city where to be. It seriously helps you to find yourself because of its variety. I still haven't found myself, but I know I do. In Estonia, I thought I know what I want but actually when you arrive here you don't know anything anymore. Even if some days are not so good I haven't thought not once to go back or that I regret that moving. Which makes me so so happy because that shows that I made the right decision. Here I am a tourist every single day. Sometimes I walk on the streets and just wonder around, it feels like you never get tired of it.  You grab your cup of coffee and just savor the moment and loose yourself in it. We  have made some friends here which feels great! 
We also have 3 new flatmates, Daniel from Germany, Peter(I think that's his name) from New-Zealand and Tim from South-Africa. So yes it's us and 3 guys, haha it makes me laugh. But they all are super chill. We gonna move away from this flat in August and I can't wait the day when I can live in Hampstead. This is my all time favorite part of London. I fell in love with this peaceful area immediately. The most adorable small streets, gardens and harmonious houses. This will be my future goal! For sure!
I think the third thing people are wondering about is the financial side here in London. Yes, it's so true that living here is expensive as hell. Like those rent prices are unreal. With the same price we are paying here at the moment for a room we could rent an entire house in Manchester. Like how crazy is that? So are we moving to Manchester? Hell no, I'm gonna work my ass off to get things going. 
But I have to admit that my Estonian lifestyle comparing to this was luxury hahaha. I could dream of my own 3 room apartment with large bathroom here in London. The only thing I miss, my apartment in Estonia and driving with my car(and my people-sending kisses to you). I guess half of you are thinking why the hell I left this behind and changed my life? Because life is for living people! Have fun and do crazy shit, like for real...all of this rollercoaster here is pure fun and it only can get better at this point, so why to waste it?

So what else I can share with you? I think I can talk about street style and fashion? Anyways yes people are more style oriented here and you can see a lot of people with different style. Like starting with crazy hipsters with pink hair and finishing very minimal and classical style. But you will see this kind of people more in the city center. The area where we live, which is in East side is more casual and I have, to be honest, I totally enjoy going to the food store in my sweatpants. Because I don't feel like impressing anyone.
But the best side I love about London is that it's a luxurious city.  I seriously enjoy seeing this lifestyle around me, because it gives me a picture that all of this is possible. I am a dreamer, always been and will be. 
Also, I've become more opened and socialize a lot better than before. Okay true I've always been a big talker and all over the place but here communicating with people is still different. I talk even more than I did before and I've become more out-going and carefree if you can say so. 
I've developed my English so much during my time here, I even think in English and sometimes I and Laura talk in English because after a long day it's just easier. Switching to another language is just too much effort when you have worked the whole day.
And they gave me a Visual position in H&M which is amazing. So finally saving money can be an option. Oh yes, it's been quite of a journey so far, blessed and trying to be happy every day.