pühapäev, 26. juuni 2016

Nerdy weekend vibes #London

Hey loves! How you've been? Basically, this week flew by and I can't believe I've been here nearly 4 months. Sometimes I think that things don't move forward so much or as fast as we want but actually, a lot has happened during the last 4 months. I started my Visual training this week and met so many awesome people. Really loving the team I'm working currently.
Also, got a little bit homesick like for 1 day when all of my friends were celebrating Mid-Summer in Estonia. I would really like to spend one day in Pärnu or near the seaside with my friends. Have a great laugh, good food, and endless talks. But it lasted like 1 day, so I'm fine now. Triinu is coming next week so I'm more than excited to see her.  
We've been seeing some crazy thunderstorm days here in London the past week. Like seriously on Thursday all the traffic was basically stopped and there was no service on railways or certain tube stations. To travel from one point to another was impossible. Today is finally sunny and we decided to get up early and shoot something for my blog. I went a bit crazy with my outfit. I think the key words for this one can be- kick flare, fishnet, layering and nerdy. I decided to layer my shirts little bit differently than usual. Unbuttoned white shirt but together with my baby pink lace top. Trying to give this t-shirt and top combo a little bit fresher look. Because it's taking over the world at the moment. I guess all we can say is welcome back to 90's?
Also, if you are a big fan of fishnet print then it's your time to shine! It's more IN than never before. I got mine from Ebay.
Okay, I have not much time to chat today, because I need to get ready for my the dinner with H&M girls. Talk to you soon!


Pictures by Laura Saimre

Enjoy xx