teisipäev, 21. juuni 2016

Feeling of Black&White

Me and Annika discovered Notting Hill on Saturday. We both are in love with this beautiful neighborhood, colorful houses, and perfect vibe for the weekend. It was so much fun and hopefully, whenever she's back in London or we both gonna be in Estonia we will do a reshoot. You can check her blog out HERE .
With this outfit, I decided to wear my flare suede pants and layer two different shirts on top of each other. The black one looks like a waistcoat but it's actually just a long sleeveless shirt from Zara. I tied it up to make it look a little bit different. If you follow me on Snapchat then you probably know that after that shoot I fell down the stairs in the tube and broke the boots that I'm wearing in the picture. It was way too funny and embarrassing moment because I had to walk home with the broken heel, can you even imagine that? Anyways I hope it's not gonna happen either of you lol.


Pictures by Annika Vokksepp
White Shirt, Flare Pants, Sunnies H&M / Black Shirt Zara / Jewelry H&M Trend

Enjoy xx
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