laupäev, 14. mai 2016

Time flies #Londontimes

I will just gonna make this post only in English because writing in Estonian is not gonna work out at the moment. When a couple of weeks ago I complained that I can't speak enough English then now I'm only speaking in English. It's sometimes even easier to explain myself in English to Laura after a work day than in Estonian. This sounds weird but it's true. So I don't even remember when was the last time I posted and wrote a little bit longer than in my last post. I've been working quite a lot and just being busy with that but at the same time trying to get my blog life going. One collaboration post will be up tomorrow so stay tuned for this one. I really loved to pictures and I think I'm going to have like 4 posts with this brand so you will be seeing a lot. Stay tuned guys. I have realized that having a blog here and actually getting collaborations is a whole another level because seriously nobody cares. You need to have like 40K followers or nobody even speaks to you. But I will not give up with this, slowly but still going. I think when you gonna make it here then everything else in life seems easy breezy. I don't miss Estonia anymore and I'm happy this phase have passed. I'm sure it will come again at some point, but at the moment, I have no time to think about it. I'm so happy that Triinu is visiting me in July, okay okay she's visiting Beyonce but I still can't wait to see her! We gonna have so much fun.

I think one of the hardest thing here is to make real friends because I'm used to having a lot of friends around me all the time. British people may seem friendly but to be honest, all the smiling thing is not very sincere.
At least we got a new flatmate who is super normal, I was so surprised. After Daniel left we were quite scared about the new ones who will come here. But the first one is a check! In two weeks one German guy will also move in, so we will see. We gonna have a welcoming party as well me, Laura and 3 guys. You always gonna make friends when alcohol is included, so doubt in that.

I will post a lot next week, because as I said already one brand collaboration will be up and also one shout-out post! So stay tuned, I will have more free time to deal with my blog upcoming week. If you still can't get enough then don't forget to follow me on Snapchat(birgitveskivali) I will be more active there or on Instagram.

When it comes to my outfit, then as you know I love layering and what could be better for spring than that simple slip dress styled up with your best basics. Go after it and make it work.And I have to get your attention to my hair. Basically, I'm in love that "messy look", it's the best you can wear with the windy weather. Cause it keeps your hair out your face and believe me, the wind here is crazy.

Clothes all H&M


Enjoy xx