reede, 20. mai 2016

Hello from the other side? #Californiavibes

I love inspiring people and the next person who you read about is one of them. I think the coolest thing in the world is when people follow their dreams and just do the things they really want to do. I remember when Helena told me she wants to move to USA and the moment she did it I was like YOU GO GIRL! So we decided to do a shout-out for each other's blogs.
Check out her blog HERE

My questions for Helena
1. Main reason why you blog?
I started about 4 years ago and I don’t know even why. Then I become a makeup artist and started to concentrate more on beauty posts. After that I started to travel more and live abroad so now my main focus is to share the beautiful locations and moments that I’ve had. Maybe I am inspirational for someone, maybe not but to share the positive moments with others makes me happy.

2. How do you describe your style?
Comfort first. I love wearing comfy jeans/jeggings with sneakers and with a trendy top or with something casual. When it comes to special occasions, then I like to “suit up”! Like the last event I wore this beautiful salmon color ball gown style dress. I like to have some days in a month when I can concentrate on making myself really pretty for something special. If I would do this every day, it would get boring.

3. What is your favorite place in the whole world?
Living in California has made me realize where have I been the rest of my life - there’s just so much to see here and the nature is amazing! Though I can’t wait to see New York City, so I have to post-phone this answer at the moment. 
I do miss my countryside in Estonia though - That's my happy place to be and because of our dog as well.

4. Sneakers or heels?
Sneakers for me, heels for Him.

5. What was the last picture you took with your phone?
Wait, let me check. The last picture is of a crescent wrench (poolkuu mutrivõti) – don’t ask!

6. If you could have only one meal for rest of your life, what would it be?
Estonian chocolate.

7. How would your best friend describe you?
Funny, straight-forward, positive, moody, crazy, Weird, caring, trustworthy. It takes time to know me but once you do, I am there for you.

8. If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why?
My mom. I would like to see how she sees the world to be a better daughter.

9. What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?

10. Define success.
Be your own Boss and when you fall – get back up again!

Enjoy xx
esmaspäev, 16. mai 2016

Happy Socks makes your Mondays better

I'm so excited about my collaboration with Happy Socks. What could be a better way to start you week than with a pair of fun printed socks. The range of models Happy Socks has is insane, I would love to have all of them in my drawer. In overall I'm obsessed with different prints and colors so these are kinda perfect for me. Socks don't need to be all in black and white, change up you outfit game and get your favorite pair now! Visit Happy Socks official website HERE .


Enjoy xx
laupäev, 14. mai 2016

Time flies #Londontimes

I will just gonna make this post only in English because writing in Estonian is not gonna work out at the moment. When a couple of weeks ago I complained that I can't speak enough English then now I'm only speaking in English. It's sometimes even easier to explain myself in English to Laura after a work day than in Estonian. This sounds weird but it's true. So I don't even remember when was the last time I posted and wrote a little bit longer than in my last post. I've been working quite a lot and just being busy with that but at the same time trying to get my blog life going. One collaboration post will be up tomorrow so stay tuned for this one. I really loved to pictures and I think I'm going to have like 4 posts with this brand so you will be seeing a lot. Stay tuned guys. I have realized that having a blog here and actually getting collaborations is a whole another level because seriously nobody cares. You need to have like 40K followers or nobody even speaks to you. But I will not give up with this, slowly but still going. I think when you gonna make it here then everything else in life seems easy breezy. I don't miss Estonia anymore and I'm happy this phase have passed. I'm sure it will come again at some point, but at the moment, I have no time to think about it. I'm so happy that Triinu is visiting me in July, okay okay she's visiting Beyonce but I still can't wait to see her! We gonna have so much fun.

I think one of the hardest thing here is to make real friends because I'm used to having a lot of friends around me all the time. British people may seem friendly but to be honest, all the smiling thing is not very sincere.
At least we got a new flatmate who is super normal, I was so surprised. After Daniel left we were quite scared about the new ones who will come here. But the first one is a check! In two weeks one German guy will also move in, so we will see. We gonna have a welcoming party as well me, Laura and 3 guys. You always gonna make friends when alcohol is included, so doubt in that.

I will post a lot next week, because as I said already one brand collaboration will be up and also one shout-out post! So stay tuned, I will have more free time to deal with my blog upcoming week. If you still can't get enough then don't forget to follow me on Snapchat(birgitveskivali) I will be more active there or on Instagram.

When it comes to my outfit, then as you know I love layering and what could be better for spring than that simple slip dress styled up with your best basics. Go after it and make it work.And I have to get your attention to my hair. Basically, I'm in love that "messy look", it's the best you can wear with the windy weather. Cause it keeps your hair out your face and believe me, the wind here is crazy.

Clothes all H&M


Enjoy xx

kolmapäev, 11. mai 2016

Dresses from SheIn

Hey guys, long time no talk. I wanted to share some of my favorite dresses from SheIn, so you could be super prepared for the summer time. The best thing is that the prices are just heaven and you can't miss the chance. The weather is treating us good latley here in London, so I'm so happy that I can finally wear some summer clothes without being cold.
Check out all of my favorite choices and I added links for you too, so don't forget to click.

Off-Shoulder CLICK HERE

Yellow ruffle CLICK HERE

Striped Ruffle- CLICK HERE

Off-Shoulder CLICK HERE

Black bodycon -CLICK HERE

Enjoy xx
kolmapäev, 4. mai 2016

How many stripes? #Londontimes

So basically long time no talk, right? There's not much to talk about than my work I guess. Working like a crazy person at the moment. So all my energy goes into that. In June, I'm going to take it more easily and just continue with one job. Can't wait for this already. On Saturday, me and Laura worked one of the coolest places so far. We had an amazing wedding in Kent which was absolutely a dream! If I would like to have a wedding one day I want to have the same one. It was so incredible, amazing people, crazy party, and so much fun. On Friday night, we went out to the Mason House then and we basically didn't sleep at all, so our condition at the work was a bit sleepy. I also met there one of the most inspiring people so far. A man who is officially from Turkey but has lived here for 10 years. The way he talked about life and happiness was so unreal, he's been traveling a lot and seen so many people and places that it's crazy. He told us to live our lives with full positivity and never waste our energy on the things we can't change, never let negative things take control over your life. Always be a leader of your own destiny and you attract what you think the most about. Funny how somebody you just met can inspire you so much. We also talked about different cultures, people, and beliefs. That's what I think I love the most about London is that the whole world is in the same city. I've always been 100% tolerant and never underestimate somebody because of their culture, skin or belief. We are all equal in this world, hopefully, people will start to understand it more. I've met so many people from all around the world during my living period so far that's it crazy. 

After my wedding on Saturday I've been working at HM and I'm gonna be there until Friday. At least all my days are only 6 hours which makes it a lot easier to handle. But I'm not bored or anything, life is so interesting at the moment and I could not be happier. I also attended to the Waacking dance class yesterday and dancing after 2,5 years made me feel like home. I just enjoyed it so much! Shake your booty, shake your booty..hahaha okay just joking. 
On Sunday, I'm going to take the whole day off and just enjoy the weather, chill and do nothing. Sounds so perfect!

So when it comes to my outfit you can see that I'm wearing my awesome culotte trousers from Zara(find the HERE). They are super comfy and perfect choice for those warm spring days. I had to buy the stripy ones because I haven't been wearing any prints lately and I missed it! Time to bring the prints back and because stripes are one of my favorite ones then why the hell not. I mixed them together with my basic white T-Shirt and black leather shoes. With this outfit, I could run around London the whole day. 

If you have any questions about London or topics you want me to write about then let me know! Cheers guys and talk to you soon.

Millest alustada ja millega lõpetada? Ei teagi, kas vahepeal on üldse palju toimunud. Vist ikka on kui nüüd tagasi hakkan mõtlema. Tegelikult alustasin selle postituse kirjutamisega juba esmaspäeva hommikul kell 7 kui metroos istusin. Üllatavalt asjalik tegevus selle lõputu sõitmise vahel, muusika kõrvas ja näpud tööle. Aga siiski õige postitamise juurde jõudsin alles nüüd, neljapäeval. Hetkel enamus mu päevad mööduvad tööl. Kuna ma lasen praegu kahe töö vahel nagu õige eestlane, siis neid vabu momente pole just väga palju ja kui ongi, siis eelistan need veeta pigem arvutist eemal. Õnneks mingit rutiini siin tekkida ei saa, kuna kõik vahetused ajaliselt väga erinevad. Kes ei tea, siis töötan hetkel HM'is ja lisaks ühes ürituste agentuuris. Nädalavahetusel käisime Lauraga koos ühes pulmas, mis oli juba sellepärast omaette elamus, et saime koos ringi chillida ja samal ajal tööd teha. Seda võib kutsuda ehtsaks minu tuleviku pulmaks- korralik tants ja trall. Samuti tutvusin selle vahetuse ajal seal ühe kõige inspireerivama inimesega, keda siin siiamaani kohanud olen. Inimene, kellel on eluväärtused ja suhtumine nii paigas kui üldse olla saab. Rääkisime pikalt elust, eesmärkidest ja sellest, kuidas oma elu peaks elama. Ta lihtsalt kiirgas positiivsusest ja pani asjadele jällegi järele mõtlema. Ma kahjuks ta nime ei mäleta, aga ta on Londonis elanud juba üle 10 aasta aga muidu on pärit Türgist, reisinud meeletult palju, näinud maailma oma rikkuses ja vaesuses, nagu ta ise ültes. Ta põhiline mõtteviis, mis läbi käis oli, et ärge kunagi laske ennast mõjutada negatiivsetel emotsioonidel ja ärge raisake oma energiat asjadele, mida te muuta ei saa. Samuti vestlesime pikalt erinevatest kultuuridest, rassidest ja üleüldse suhtumisest erinevatesse inimestesse. Ma olen alati olnud kõikide inimeste suhtes väga tolerantne ja siin elades on see täielik igapäevaelu osa, et kõik su töökaaslased/naabrid jne on erinevatest riikidest, erinevate uskumuste ja nahavärviga. Kes veel seda meelt ei ole, siis panen teile südamele, et need asjad ei tohiks kunagi olla takistuseks kellegiga suhtlemisel. Spread the love!

Nii peale laupäevast pulma alustasin juba tööd HM'is ja nüüd lasen kuni reedeni välja. Laupäeva veedame tööl Buckingham Palace'is, millest ma olen isegi natukene elevil juba. Eniveis korralikult puhata saab alles nädala lõpus ja kuna lubas 25 kraadi sooja, siis halleluuja! Ma kavatsen terve päeva päevitada kuskil ja lihtsalt lebos olla. Ei mingeid kohustusi ega asjalikke kokkusaamisi. Sounds perfect, kuna ma armastan siinseid suuri parke ja piknike.
Mõtlesin, et tahtsin millestki veel rääkida ja nüüd tuli meelde. Nimelt eile käisin siis üle 2,5a reaalses tantsuklassis. Väga mõnus vaheldus ja see tunne oli awesome. Tunniks oli Waacking, kes teada tahtis ja täpsustuseks nii palju, et täna ma oma käsi liigutada ei saa, sest see oli ulme mis seal toimus. But feels great!

Kuna Londonis on nii palju edasi-tagasi jooksmist koguaeg ja pikki jalutuskäike, siis minu jaoks on viimasel ajal mugavus saanud väga suureks sõbraks. Kontsi kannan ainult peole minnes ja siis ka on flatid igaksjuhuks kotis olemas. Reedel saime jälle hea kontsaralli teha, nimelt käisime Mason House'is, mis ei olnudki nii ülerahvastatud kui tavaliselt. Sai korralikult tantsida, head muusikat kuulata ja vahelduseks lõbutseda. Jah, me läksime põhimõtteliselt otse peolt tööle, niiet võite arvata kui väsinud me seal pulmas olime. Aga see selleks, tegelt tahtsin teile oma outfitist rääkida. Olen täielikult inlove oma uude Zara ostu. Nimelt need triibulised culotte püksid on perfektsed nende mõnuste kevadiste ilmadega ja muidugi kummigavärvel teeb need veel eriti mugavaks. Peale otsustasin visata basic T-shirti ja jalga mustad flat kingad. Selle outfitiga võiks terve päeva mööda Londonit ringi reisida. Lisaks on neid hämmastav omadus-need ei kortsu! Ärge arvake, et culotte püksid on ainult grannydele, need näevad väga stiilsed ja coolid välja. Minu omad leiad SIIT 


T-shirt Forever21/Trousers Zara/Sunglasses River Island

Enjoy xx