laupäev, 16. aprill 2016

Music makes me wonder

I can't even explain the way music talks to me and motivates me. I think it's because I've been dancing since I was 4 years old and ever since music has been my escape. Actually, music helps me to relax, gather my thoughts and gives me positivity. If people ask me what kind of music do I listen, then I don't have any specific genre..overall music. Whenever the beat is good and makes me wanna move my body. I haven't been dancing professionally for 2,5 years now but it does not change the fact that I still love it.
Also, when it comes to fashion, I think music helps me to be creative. Music gives me mood, what usually attracts what I wear.
I wanted to share this amazing collaboration video between H&M and M.I.A, who is one of the most inspiring artists right now. Always having such a big messages behind her music and she always makes a style statement with her outfits.