pühapäev, 7. veebruar 2016

Flower power

I have no words for that weekend...too much fun and never ending laughing cramps. And finally my first  proper outfit post this year, how awesome is that? I'm just trying to spend my last weekends with all of my besties and just have as much fun as I can.

This outfit is totally inspired by men's fashion. Those sharp tip shoes and grey slacks, which actually are men's. I got them years ago from the second-hand store and I'm still in love with them.

But the main thing and my absolute favorite piece of clothing at the moment is my printed bomber jacket. It's perfect for up-coming spring and cold summer nights and this violet color matches with my dark hair. Kinda obsessed about those cold tones lately.

So my style tip for you ladies! Don't be afraid to wear men's clothes, make your outfits interesting.


Pictures by Kadi-Liis Koppel
Clothes: Bomber and polo H&M Trend


Enjoy xx