esmaspäev, 25. jaanuar 2016

Make your winter outfits work

1. Layering

I think layering is one of my favorite styling ways. Especially in the winter period because you can keep yourself super warm. I love when my clothes are oversized and long. I love to wear different summer tops over my turtlenecks or super long shirts under my knitwear. 

2. Oversized scarf
You can wear it as a poncho (style it up with a belt) or over your head as me instead of hats (because I'm not into winter hats this season).

3. Stockings
When wearing a dress or a skirt, try to style them up with your over-knee stockings.

4. Furry
 Go furry or go home is this year's style statement.
Everything furry is my pick for this season, I've been lucky and can say that I have quite a selection in my closet. 

5. Cool gloves
Mine are with fringes. As you know I love fringes, the more the better haha. Put I found those cool studded ones from my Pinterest gallery.

Enjoy xx