teisipäev, 13. oktoober 2015

Oversized knitwear

So what do you think about over-knee boots or heels?  For me, the best way to wear them is with something that looks more casual and comfy.  This H&M oversized knitwear is absolutely perfect and good choice for colder autumn days. I think the grey color is one of my favorite ones this fall. Also, over knee boots cover up basically your whole legs, so it's a lot warmer than ankle boots or any other model. If you don't want to show so much skin, then mix it up with skinny jeans and you are ready to go! 
For me, it's super hard to find the right pair because most models don't fit with my thighs. But those Linzi ones as you can see were awesome. 
 Karl helped me with my decisions at the store, so we need to thank him, lol. I wanted to pick the ones that were more basic, but he totally changed my mind- sending hugs to Risto and Karl, my favorite Londoners! Miss you and see you soon guys!
TIP! To make over-knee boot effect without buying them, wear your ankle boots with over knee tights- looks sexy and cool.


Pictures by Laura Saimre
Knitwear H&M / Heels Linzi / Shirt Zara

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