kolmapäev, 26. august 2015

Autumn/Winter 2015-2016

I haven't done this kind of post for a long time, but I think it's the perfect time to start think about autumn/winter fashion trends or what? What can be better than the layering and dressing yourself up different knitwears, coats, hats, boots and tights. I don't say that I'm tired of summer but from the fashion side, autumn is my favorite time of the year or I just try to find something positive about every season that we have.

I don't say I'm a big fan of every trend this season, but I definitely have my favorites what will find a place in my wardrobe.There were looks with a very different range and for very taste.My ultimate autumn/winter colour is Bordeaux (wine red) and I totally need to find myself a new Panama hat in this colour and also a perfect bag. I will spend the weekend in London at the end of September and hopefully I will find a lot of goodies from there. Traveling together with my bestie from Sweden and will be participating at London Fashion Weekend this year. Can't wait to see the shows and hang around at my favorite city.
So let's start with my must-have items this season.

1.Suede material

Give it to me in any colour and I will wear it.

2.Oversized turtlenecks

They will make those chilly days feel more enjoyable.

3.Feather details

Okay, I didn't find the jacket version but I think after checking those skirts I need this one as well.

4.Capes and ponchos

My ultimate favorite, perfect to dress over a leather jacket.


Something super cool to try out.

6.Layered crop tops

This styling tip I have used a lot and it seems it's part of this season's trends. Don't pack away your summer crops, you can wear them even on winter period. Style it up with some cool pullover or a shirt.

7.Skirts and dresses over pants

For this style statement, you will need to find a perfect dress or skirt to match with your trousers or else you will look like a homeless person. This trend is taking layering to the next level and I can't wait to try it out this year as well. Last year I wore my ripped denim with my long flower dress and H&M studio collection dress with my black trousers check both of my outfits out HERE and HERE too

8.Wrapped silhouettes

Tie up your coat or favorite knitwear.

So I think you got some tips how to fill up your wardrobe this season if you like my style. These were my favorite runway picks this time.