neljapäev, 23. juuli 2015

Low vibes

So basically I've been sick quite a lot lately, I don't know what is going on with that. I guess I've been way too overloaded and I just need a vacation.  But no worries it will come in two weeks, can't wait. My first vacation EVER, can you believe it? I have never had a vacation in my life, only those summer vacations when I was a kid. I've been working or organizing or studying or training or doing who knows what except having a vacation. After that I seriously need to focus on my collection and can't do anything else until I will be reunited with my bestie from Sweden and we will be going to London Fashion Weekend in September, I received my tickets today. Only 4 days but still this is a huge thing for me. I usually don't write a lot, but you just got lucky this time because it's raining outside and I'm drinking my tea with tons of honey in it and just being bored at the moment.
So I just wanted to share today's mood board with you. PS! This Kardashian is looking way too pretty in this last Vogue Spain shoot, can't believe my eyes and I just had to steal this picture. Check the rest of the pics from online and you will be amazed.
Also, with this kind of vibes I love to wear my biggest sweaters, warmest tights and a messy hair bun. This is the coolest style statement ever.

Enjoy xx
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