kolmapäev, 15. juuli 2015

Beach mode

So basically I think this was the last photo shoot this summer with me and Laura because she will be working til the end of August with her new film project and will not be in Tallinn. But don't worry I will still keep you busy with my blog. As you can see I updated my layout and everything is a bit clearer now. Next week I will have 2 photoshoots coming what I'm quite excited about and also I can't wait for the weekend to start because it's the festival time. I've been quite sick the last 2 days but already feeling better today. I hope to see you all at Positivus this weekend! Let's get this party going and have the best time together.

Styling by Birgit Veskiväli
Make-up by Carol Tamm
Pictures by Laura Saimre

Spent my Sunday with those amazing girls, we had so much fun as you can see .