neljapäev, 30. juuli 2015

Merikh Lookbook

MERÏKH is a lifestyle, Scandinavian leather bags with timeless elegance, and Styling
& Multifunction options.

Eelmisel laupäeval veetsime Merikhi tiimiga terve päeva koos, kuna toimus pildistamine uue Lookbooki jaoks, mille tulemus on minu arvates super.  Kristiga koos tegime stilistika  ja ülejäänud asjad panime siis juba kolmekesi paika. Modellide valik läks samuti kümnesse, alguses kindlasti mõtlesin, et kuidas setil asjad jooksevad ja kas modellide koostöö toimib aga see töötas, niiet WIN! Pole ammu nii lõbus mõnel pildistamisel olnud. Alustasime oma piltidega Moetänava ümbruses, kus muide asub ka Merikhi Showroom ja siis sealt edasi jätkasime juba kesklinnas. Samuti asi ei piirdunud ainult piltidega,  Valtteri tegi valmis meile awesome video, mille saate kodulehelt üle vaadata. Ühesõnaga nagu aru saate oli meil suht palju tegemist kogu selle asja vältel. Aga saadan kõigile selle vahva päeva eest suured tänud :). Samuti River Islandile ja S'Nobile, kelle riideid me pildistamisel kasutasime.

Last Saturday we spent the whole day together with our Merikh team and had our photo shoot for the new Lookbook. The outcome for us is super and everything is exactly as we expected. We started our photo shoot near Moetänav where is also our Showroom and ended up at the city center. Also, Valtteri captured some moments with his camera and put together a video what you can check out from our homepage. Basically, it was a busy day as you can see- photo shoot, video filming, styling for different themes and organizing it all.But I loved it, special thanks goes to River Island and S'Nob.

Bags: Merikh (Designer Hannele Merik) click here 
 Clothes: River Island / S'NOB
              Photographer: Gregor Jürna click here
    Video: Valtteri Kujala click here
                  Styling: Birgit Veskiväli & Kristi Toome
         Hairdresser: Lauri Pedaja click here
    Make-up: Ketter Orav click here
                   Models: Mailys Luigend and Gven Hallop


My favorite moments

pühapäev, 26. juuli 2015

Neri Kara

Found my Neri Kara "Still life" photoshoot pictures from my laptop and just this was a reminder how awesome my styling course was back in the April. Can't wait to go back to UK!

Bag Neri Kara
Link here

reede, 24. juuli 2015

One in a million

This movie just blew my mind, he is one of my favorites. He changed fashion world with his crazy imagination and made one thing very sure - there are no limits when it comes to fashion design.

neljapäev, 23. juuli 2015

Low vibes

So basically I've been sick quite a lot lately, I don't know what is going on with that. I guess I've been way too overloaded and I just need a vacation.  But no worries it will come in two weeks, can't wait. My first vacation EVER, can you believe it? I have never had a vacation in my life, only those summer vacations when I was a kid. I've been working or organizing or studying or training or doing who knows what except having a vacation. After that I seriously need to focus on my collection and can't do anything else until I will be reunited with my bestie from Sweden and we will be going to London Fashion Weekend in September, I received my tickets today. Only 4 days but still this is a huge thing for me. I usually don't write a lot, but you just got lucky this time because it's raining outside and I'm drinking my tea with tons of honey in it and just being bored at the moment.
So I just wanted to share today's mood board with you. PS! This Kardashian is looking way too pretty in this last Vogue Spain shoot, can't believe my eyes and I just had to steal this picture. Check the rest of the pics from online and you will be amazed.
Also, with this kind of vibes I love to wear my biggest sweaters, warmest tights and a messy hair bun. This is the coolest style statement ever.

Enjoy xx
teisipäev, 21. juuli 2015

Positivus Festival

Here are some pictures from my awesome weekend. Positivus was even better than last year, so much laughing and spending good time with my buddies. This event is a summer MUST HAVE! If you missed it then hopefully we will see each other next year! 

3 coolest looks from my point of view: 

Ewert and The Two Dragons

One of my favorite live from this year

Enjoy xx
kolmapäev, 15. juuli 2015

Beach mode

So basically I think this was the last photo shoot this summer with me and Laura because she will be working til the end of August with her new film project and will not be in Tallinn. But don't worry I will still keep you busy with my blog. As you can see I updated my layout and everything is a bit clearer now. Next week I will have 2 photoshoots coming what I'm quite excited about and also I can't wait for the weekend to start because it's the festival time. I've been quite sick the last 2 days but already feeling better today. I hope to see you all at Positivus this weekend! Let's get this party going and have the best time together.

Styling by Birgit Veskiväli
Make-up by Carol Tamm
Pictures by Laura Saimre

Spent my Sunday with those amazing girls, we had so much fun as you can see .

Look of the day

pühapäev, 12. juuli 2015

Shirts layering

I'm so back with my outfit posts, haven't been so active lately. Took some time off but now I'm here. You will be seeing my weekend pictures also later this week. With this outfit, I decided to do some shirts layering, got inspiration from Men's runway. 

Styling by Birgit Veskiväli
Pictures by Laura Saimre
Nails by Jana Kapinus click here
boots/stripy shirt- Zara, bag-Hipster, denim shirt personal closet


teisipäev, 7. juuli 2015

Merikh new bags

Midagi uut ja ilusat kõigile moearmastajatele. Merikh brändil on tulnud välja täiesti uhiuued ümbrikkotid ja kaardihoidjad, mille seast leiab igaüks omale lemmiku, sest värvivalik on lai. Mis enamasti ümbrikottide puhul puudub on pikk sang, siis Merikhi kottidel on see täiesti olemas ja teeb kandmise veelgi mugavamaks, kellele seda käes ei meeldi tassida. Samuti pole ka seekord Merikh ära kaotanud oma originaalsust ja ümbrikottidele on võimalik külge kinnitada kaardihoidja, mille saab paigutada koti küljetaskusse. Kes lihtsalt tunneb, et vaja omale kaardihoidjat, siis on võimalik see omale osta ka eraldi. Mis mulle isiklikult Merikh'i kottide puhul meeldib on see, kõik tooted on kvaliteetsed ja kergesti sobitatavad iga outfitiga.

Something new and exciting for all the fashion lovers out there. New clutches and cardholder bags are available on Merikh's homepage and believe me it's impossible for you to not find a perfect match this time. There are 5 different colours where you can choose from. For styling, you can wear the clutch with the longer strap, so it's a lot easier to carry it around. But to me personally I like to hold it  and use it without the long strap. Also, you don't have to be disappointed because also this time Merikh is original. You can also find the new card holders which you can attach to you favourite clutch with the chain. How cool is that? I'm so clumsy with my cards, so this bag is a lifesaver.
Don't forget to check WWW.MERIKH.COM

Enjoy xx