teisipäev, 5. mai 2015

Your funky dungarees

Hey, boys and girls!

How do you feel about dungarees/overalls/shortalls(short version)? Try to wake up your inner child or make it look edgy.  I just love them, they give you this funky feeling and you have a lot of ways to dress them up. Back in the day they used to be workers clothes but as you know everything finds its way in the fashion world and so did dungarees. They got popular in the other half of the 40s because they were super comfortable and practical.
Basically, the first rule is to find yourself the perfect fit. If you want to find the perfect denim dungarees then I recommend trying on a bigger size than usually, then you will get this funky baggy look. But if you go with the leather ones, then I prefer the tighter pair. But here are some if the tips and inspiration for girls and guys as well. Check them out and find your favorite.

One good way to wear them is to match your dungarees with your favorite crop top.

Layering -to give your look a funky edge, try to tie your shirt or jacket around your waist. 

My absolute favorite, oversized dungarees with a pair of sneakers. This look is definitely old school, but this white jumper under it makes it perfect.   

To change the look a little bit, try to loose one strap and to make it look edgier, dress it with your favorite spring blazer. 

White on white, if you don't want to go with the regular denim, then white is always an option. Add a pair of heels and it looks more feminine.

A summer must have -printed dungarees. They almost look like a skirt but believe be they are more comfortable. Also to make it more stylish, add some leather boots.

As you know 70's are back in big time and what could be better than buy yourself a pair of flare dungarees. Yes, I know this might be a bit strong choice, but they will be worth it.  Also dress it together with your printed t-shirt and you are ready to go.

Most basic but still one of the coolest looks, what you can definitely pull off. Take your basic white t-shirt and your favorite pair of dungarees. Chic, edgy and stylish.

My favorite looks from the guys. Seriously, how cool can you be? But I need to say, you need a little bit of this cool guy attitude to pull this look off. So my recommendation- always be confident. 

Enjoy xx