pühapäev, 10. mai 2015

Style statement

We had no plans to do a photoshoot yesterday, but well it still happened. I was multitasking the whole day with my packing, but guess what Laura was back in town, so we couldn't miss a chance. I went totally basic this time and wanted to use my super old studded jacket what I found during my closet cleaning. I think I might turn it into a waistcoat later because it still looks so freaking badass. As you know I love to give things a new breathing, it's such a challenge to me to throw my clothes away. And with this outfit I had a chance to make my favorite hairstyle -my famous messy bun.
But again we were wondering around and found this amazing badass looking old car, what was definitely abandoned, it fitted perfectly with my outfit choice.
Hopefully, you enjoy the pictures as much as I do because this time I posted a lot of them.

Styling by Birgit Veskiväli
Pictures by Laura Saimre

Enjoy xx
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