reede, 29. mai 2015

Favorite moments from ERKi

Otsustasin teiega jagada oma lemmikuid kollektsioone ERKI'lt, mis eriti silma jäid ja minu jaoks eristusid. Tuleb küll tõdeda, et kõigil polnud piisavalt hea lavaline liikumine ja selle tõttu oli disaine väga raske jälgida ja show üldpilt jäi segaseks. Oma kollektsiooni esitledes tuleb kõik need pisidetailid siiski läbi mõelda, et vaatajal tekiks hea emotsioon. Kuid oli ka väga häid esitlusi, mis tõesti meelde jäid. 

Photo by Christo Neeme from

Photo from

Phot by Anete Palmik click here

Photo by Anete Palmik click here

Photo by Anete Palmik click here

"Sirimiri" Kerti Pahk (EKA Moedisain III)

I decided to share this collection's video as well because it's  editing is done my amazing Laura Saimre.

"Falling backwards with a wooden sword in a lilac bush" Kaur Ralphowitsch Hensel (Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle)

"The Quiet Ones" Triin Tint (EKA Moedisain I)

"Vibrations" Katrina Kaubi (EKA Magister II)

Gerda Retter, Egle Jaago, Kaari Sibrits, Helene Sepp, Erika Kool, Liis Turnau (Tartu Kõrgem Kunstikool, Nahadisain ja restaureerimine 2012)

Pictures by Christo Neemre from click here

neljapäev, 28. mai 2015

Summer shoe game

So because it's getting warmer each day, so it's time to think about this summer's shoe trends. I picked my favorites and I can't wait to wear them already. They fit together with everything, just pick your favorite and go.



Gladiator sandals


Festival boots

Masculine shoes

Hopefully, you got some ideas to fill up your closet for this summer. 

Enjoy xx

teisipäev, 26. mai 2015

Back to the basics

Flashback from the weekend and my outfit from the ERKI fashion show. This time I pulled off this very basic look and spiced it up with my long black "trench coat" what I tied around my waist. It almost looked like a long skirt and the whole outfit was super comfy. 

Later this week I will make a post about my favorite collections as well, so stay tuned if you want to know more.

Styling by Birgit Veskiväli
Pictures by Laura Saimre
Shirt Zara, Coat/Jacket/Shoes H&M

kolmapäev, 20. mai 2015

Sporty Flower Kid

I already feel the summer vibes, don't you? Basically, I found this perfect little bit oversized printed t-shirt or a dress( however you call it) and decided to mix it up with my black tights, a bomber jacket and my nerdy shoes. In this post, I will give you 4 options to style it up for yourself:

1. With some cool heels, to make it look more feminine, also add your favorite sunnies.
2. With some espadrilles when it's hot on summer period
3. Sneakers and with over-knee white stockings to make it look sporty
4. And my favorite would be the tomboy look- add a pair on badass ankle boots and your favorite hat, style it up also with different arm or finger cuffs and don't forget to cover your eyes from the sun, so sunnies as well.

I'm so going to try out all of those looks in the near future, I hope you too. 

Styling by Birgit Veskiväli
Pictures by Laura Saimre
Bomber H&M / Dress H&M / Sunnies  H&M/ Shoes Bershka

Enjoy xx

esmaspäev, 18. mai 2015

Layer it up

Yesterday we were on our way to the JJ-Street Streetshow concert ( I hope you didn't miss it) and I had to capture the moment. Basically this is the quickest outfit shoot ever made, took us like 5 seconds. But I wanted to share my denim dungarees outfit with you, I thought it was a quite good idea to dress it up with my stripy shirt, which is longer from the back, covers up everything perfectly, cause the dungarees are quite short as you can see. And they are not regular dungarees, I picked to skirt version this time. I'm not very big fan of mini denim skirts, but this one is over the top - funky and super comfy. I hope you find your favorite dungaree version as well and style it up in the best way. Next week I will be posting more, so stay tuned. I finally finished my moving and now staying officially in my apartment, it took all my time last week, but I will make it up to you.

Styling By Birgit Veskiväli
Pictures by Laura Saimre
Clothes: dungarees and shirt from Zara, another stuff check from older posts. 

Enjoy xx

pühapäev, 10. mai 2015

Style statement

We had no plans to do a photoshoot yesterday, but well it still happened. I was multitasking the whole day with my packing, but guess what Laura was back in town, so we couldn't miss a chance. I went totally basic this time and wanted to use my super old studded jacket what I found during my closet cleaning. I think I might turn it into a waistcoat later because it still looks so freaking badass. As you know I love to give things a new breathing, it's such a challenge to me to throw my clothes away. And with this outfit I had a chance to make my favorite hairstyle -my famous messy bun.
But again we were wondering around and found this amazing badass looking old car, what was definitely abandoned, it fitted perfectly with my outfit choice.
Hopefully, you enjoy the pictures as much as I do because this time I posted a lot of them.

Styling by Birgit Veskiväli
Pictures by Laura Saimre

Enjoy xx