laupäev, 18. aprill 2015

Styling course

Hello, you all, so basically it's 4:20 am and I'm at the airport writing my blog post, drinking coffee and eating the last goodies of London. Seriously this week flew by and I can't imagine this actually happened and that I met so many incredible talents from all around the world. I'm going to miss this place even more because this time it felt so much more like home. I wanted to let you know that our denim shoot was just amazing, we were very nervous before that because it was such a big thing for us. We had a chance to work with this amazing model from Premier Brittni Tucker, check her out from HERE and professional photographer Justin Ash. Don't worry you will see the pictures when I get back home, also Friday was such a busy day because we also had to do our presentation about Hermes exhibition. We needed to plan a whole photo shoot for this one as well and pitch about it in front of the others. Of course we had a lot of other lectures as well during Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It was busy has hell but I loved every second from it. Need to start planning my next trip already, because I never want to stop learning. This industry is all about hard work and dedication, you really need to have a passion for it. And I don't mean to have a passion for shopping because fashion is much more that just pretty clothes. It's pure art and self-expression. So here are my other pictures from the trip, this time me and Michaela had a chance to do some quick outfit pics as well. Please enjoy.  These last posts are little bit more lifestyle, so you can see what I was up to. I will share my Hermes exhibition pictures with you too. ! Stay tuned. 

Joe and The Juice- this place is just awesome.

Me as the biggest sugar addict just went crazy at this cute bakery.

Our last brunch together with Michaela, girl I'm going to miss you so bad ! 

Our lunch break from school, just walk around and discovering places for our Hermes shoot.

Can't wait for summer to go crazy together!

Enjoy xx

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