neljapäev, 16. aprill 2015

Spring in London

So very quick outfit post for you all. I totally fell in love with that skirt at MissSelfridge's store, just amazing piece. I mixed it together with my pastel blue pumps and a crop top. Times flies here but it still feels like I've been here like 2 weeks, I don't why. Tomorrow we will have the final day at the college and I basically just finished with our Denim shoot project, so hopefully everything is going to work out tomorrow. Still me and Michaela will be at school very early to do our final retouches before we will start our shoot at the studio. I'm very pleased with our theme and I definitely share the pictures with when everything is ready tomorrow. I am so nervous, you have no idea, so please wish me luck. I think it has been one of the most inspiring weeks in my life, I have learned so so much from the real professionals who actually work behind the scenes ever day. I have inspiration overload I think, if you can say so. 

Styling by Birgit Veskiväli
Clothes by H&M, skirt&top MissSelfridge
And pictures are made by amazing Swedish blogger Esther Michaela Carning, be sure that you check out her blog from HERE. Gotta love her style, such a fashionista !

Enjoy my loves xx