teisipäev, 14. aprill 2015

London I'm back

I will make this post only in English and it's more about the text than pictures this time. I think I consider myself as a total Londoner for now because I finally know which side I have to watch when I'm crossing the road. Seriously I've been here too many times and finally I got it. It's quite easy here to get hit by a car or bus. I feel like home here, no need to think how to get somewhere, it's quite easy to travel around the city. I've been discovering a lot of new places here in London since I arrived here on Sunday. This time I'm staying again in a totally different neighborhood, near Elepant&Castle, but the flat is just too cute and my flatmate is just super. I'm having this perfect little room with green walls and white furniture, reminds me a doll room with this romantic flavor. The flat has two floors with a small balcony where you can enjoy your morning coffee, hopefully, I will have time to do it on Saturday. Been waking up very early each morning.

So I really want to tell you about why I'm here. Basically, I came here all by myself this time and it's not my usual random shopping and partying trip. I came here to attend a course which has been my dream since I saw it in Vogue magazine. Styling course by The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design. It has opened my eyes in many ways already, a lot of international and local students and individuals who have a great passion for fashion. College interior is amazing, it has 4 floors with a balcony and special fashion library where you can find all kinds of different magazines and books you need, also a computer class and different seminar rooms. Monday was the first day at the College and at the end of the day we already had planned our first still life photo shoot and made the shoot yesterday morning with a professional photographer at the studio. We had the chance to make promotion pictures for Neri Karra bag collection. Also, I really love my team Erica and Michaela, our Green team power was over the top.We are getting along so well like we have known each other more than two days. We have had amazing lectures starting with the styling and finishing shoot-production, people who are sharing their knowledge with us have been working in this field many many years. 

It's so amazing how you have so many chances here in London to meet all the real people who are big names in the industry, they are ready to help you and your career as much as possible.
Today in a couple of hours we are going to visit Vogue House and Hermes Exhibition, I am so excited about it already. And what I really love about short and intense courses is that they are very practical and you have the chance to use your skills immediately and do things instead of listening the boring theory. Whoever is considering to go to university I recommend you to take like 3-4 1yr-2yr courses aboard, trust me it will help you a lot more. First you will be out of your comfort zone in a different country, you will have a lot of international contacts, you have chance to get a very good job offers, you have chance to study different professions in shorter time and these courses will help you to develop your career in many ways. Without this course I would have never thought about wanting to learn shoot-production or something like that but after listening the lectures I am getting more and more into it and can't wait to get all my ideas on paper and start working with them. Fashion is not only clothes, clothes are only tiny part of it, you need to be creative because fashion is art, in fashion you can create whatever you want, is it a design, shoot or image. Take you pick and let your imagination fly far.

Like I have so much information already from the course and we still have 3 more days to go, could not be happier at the moment. Best feeling in the world when you can do the things you love from the bottom of your heart. I send you hugs and kisses and stay tuned for some outfit posts as well what we going to do with Michaela today. She is also a fashion blogger and I will make a shot out to her blog in my next post. Stay tuned :). I will upload more pictures after my trip ! Until check me on Instagram ;) And I haven't done any shopping so far, can you even believe it ? I can't actually, hopefully I have some time to do it tomorrow and Friday. 

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