kolmapäev, 22. aprill 2015


Last week I had this amazing chance to visit this amazing Hermès Wanderland exhibition in Saatchi gallery. This whole exhibition pulled me into this world of joy and fantasy.
The journey through Wanderland draws its coherence from two intrinsic elements of la flânerie: dreaming and freedom of spirit”, explains Bruno Gaudichon, curator of La Piscine-Musée d'Art et d'Industrie in Roubaix. 
I seriously enjoyed every minute of this fairytale. I also shared some of the pictures what we took that inspired us after the exhibition in Soho. Our favorite exhibition room was the one where they showed us the streets of Paris. I totally imagine this romantic love story taking place in the streets of Soho, two individuals who love discover the wonders of life. And also with a little bit 60's feeling in their fashion. It would be a perfect fashion shoot.

Stay tuned for some outfit pictures, I have something cool in my mind for the weekend if the weather is on our side!

Streets of Paris

Streets of Paris

Streets of Paris

Our inspiration spot, for Hermès

Enjoy xx
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