teisipäev, 28. aprill 2015

Must have summer top !

So basically summer is on it's way and right now is a perfect time to do some summer shopping. I wanted to give you a clue what should be one of your main items this summer. Off-shoulder top is a must have! Perfect for hot summer days if you are tired of basic crop tops/blouses. Also, they make your shoulders look sexy and you won't have those annoying tan lines what comes so easily when you are spending too much time under the sun. Stripy, colourful, bright or boho take your pick!
Also this is for all the girls, even with different bodytypes and tastes. When you are not fan of a short blouses or tops, then choose something little bit more oversized, there are a lot of options in stores, also check from online.

Enjoy xx
reede, 24. aprill 2015

Boho feeling

So which is your favorite style? I'm absolutely in love with this boho vibe lately, I think it's because summer is coming and it's getting warmer each day. Also, let me know what are you thinking about flare trousers, still my favorites and I seriously need to buy myself another pair. I think I will go for the denim ones this time. Go bold and put them on, as I'm always saying looking different on the streets is the best fashion statement you can do.
This time I had no chance to do the photoshoot that I planned in the beginning of the week because it was too windy and I just can't handle this. But we still managed to do some street shoots for you to show you my outfit.

Styling Birgit Veskiväli
Pictures Laura Saimre
Clothes H&M and Forever21


Enjoy xx
neljapäev, 23. aprill 2015

Tie it up

So basically I had no plans to do a post today but I still had some stuff to do after work, so I used the situation and made some outfit pictures for you. Totally love my outfit, don't know if you do but still, my funky edge of styling with some quirky details.  I tied up my bomber jacket on my waistline, threw a leather jacket over my shoulders, put some creepers on  and here it is. Also, details are my chunky metallic necklace and Ozzy style sunnies. Perfect way to do your hair with this seriously crazy wind is to go for the MESSY BUN, super easy and totally stylish. Hopefully, you guys are also 70's lovers and have bought yourself some items to catch up this year S/S fashion favorites. 

Styling Birgit Veskiväli
Clothes: Shirt H&M / Skirt Forever21 /shoes, necklace Bershka / Jacket Hipster

Enjoy xx
kolmapäev, 22. aprill 2015


Last week I had this amazing chance to visit this amazing Hermès Wanderland exhibition in Saatchi gallery. This whole exhibition pulled me into this world of joy and fantasy.
The journey through Wanderland draws its coherence from two intrinsic elements of la flânerie: dreaming and freedom of spirit”, explains Bruno Gaudichon, curator of La Piscine-Musée d'Art et d'Industrie in Roubaix. 
I seriously enjoyed every minute of this fairytale. I also shared some of the pictures what we took that inspired us after the exhibition in Soho. Our favorite exhibition room was the one where they showed us the streets of Paris. I totally imagine this romantic love story taking place in the streets of Soho, two individuals who love discover the wonders of life. And also with a little bit 60's feeling in their fashion. It would be a perfect fashion shoot.

Stay tuned for some outfit pictures, I have something cool in my mind for the weekend if the weather is on our side!

Streets of Paris

Streets of Paris

Streets of Paris

Our inspiration spot, for Hermès

Enjoy xx
esmaspäev, 20. aprill 2015

Playful denim

Hey you all, I decided to share some of the photos from our shoot. So today was this "back to reality" day after my trip. Back to work and school, I don't know but I'm such a happy puppy and I've been walking around with this stupid smile on my face the whole day and hopefully it continues. Started to re-write my whole material as well, to my cutest Urban Outfitters new notebook. Also did some shoes illustrations after work, need to keep my school vibe on and soon start to create my portfolio. Only couple of months left and then I'm ready for new adventures. 

Styling by Birgit Veskiväli and Michaela Carning 
Photography/Editing by David Gilbey and Justin Ash
Model from Premier model management Brittni Tucker
Course by the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design 

Enjoy loves xx
laupäev, 18. aprill 2015

Styling course

Hello, you all, so basically it's 4:20 am and I'm at the airport writing my blog post, drinking coffee and eating the last goodies of London. Seriously this week flew by and I can't imagine this actually happened and that I met so many incredible talents from all around the world. I'm going to miss this place even more because this time it felt so much more like home. I wanted to let you know that our denim shoot was just amazing, we were very nervous before that because it was such a big thing for us. We had a chance to work with this amazing model from Premier Brittni Tucker, check her out from HERE and professional photographer Justin Ash. Don't worry you will see the pictures when I get back home, also Friday was such a busy day because we also had to do our presentation about Hermes exhibition. We needed to plan a whole photo shoot for this one as well and pitch about it in front of the others. Of course we had a lot of other lectures as well during Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It was busy has hell but I loved every second from it. Need to start planning my next trip already, because I never want to stop learning. This industry is all about hard work and dedication, you really need to have a passion for it. And I don't mean to have a passion for shopping because fashion is much more that just pretty clothes. It's pure art and self-expression. So here are my other pictures from the trip, this time me and Michaela had a chance to do some quick outfit pics as well. Please enjoy.  These last posts are little bit more lifestyle, so you can see what I was up to. I will share my Hermes exhibition pictures with you too. ! Stay tuned. 

Joe and The Juice- this place is just awesome.

Me as the biggest sugar addict just went crazy at this cute bakery.

Our last brunch together with Michaela, girl I'm going to miss you so bad ! 

Our lunch break from school, just walk around and discovering places for our Hermes shoot.

Can't wait for summer to go crazy together!

Enjoy xx