esmaspäev, 2. märts 2015

Layering combo

It was all about those deep green mossy walls and despondent frames. This building has so many stories to tell, endless journeys and losses. Each time we go there, it's like first. So many corners to discover and pictures to take, I'm such a fanatic.With this shoot, it's not so much about the outfit but surroundings. I went totally casual and tired out some layering with my rusty brown skirt. Good way to have something extra is to belt it up with your oversized knitwear. Super warm pick and for those rainy days, spring you are close but yet so far.

 Stay tuned for more posts this week, I will make a overview about #HelloBlogger workshop as well.  But till then enjoy your Monday :)! 

Styling by Birgit Veskiväli
Photos by Laura Saimre
Clothes: Skirt, knitwear, t-shirt from HM
Boots, belt from Bershka
Scarf and denim shirt from my personal collection, don't remember where I bought those.

Enjoy xx