kolmapäev, 4. veebruar 2015


Little Interview

Sammy Says: 5 MINUTES WITH BIRGIT VESKIVÄLI: T his week's featured blogger, Birgit Veskiväli hails from Estonia. Her blog, Bergie Fashion  not only showcases her outfits and her...

So I've been sick for a week now, that's the reason why there's no new posts recently. Had 0 energy to even open up my computer. This stomach virus was way worse than I could ever imagine. Thank god, I've been feeling better last 2 days, so hopefully new outfit post will be up on the weekend. Stay tuned, cause I have some new stuff to share with you all.

But still I will keep you updated. Go and check out my little interview what I did with this amazing blogger from Melbourne Sammy Says. I love to connect with different bloggers all around the world and see their blogging journey. To be honest, it has become almost a trend to have a "fashion blog/diary" or whatever you call it. But I don't mind, I like to discover new ones every day. International Blogs are places where I get so much inspiration and connections, it's priceless, to be honest.

Enjoy xx