esmaspäev, 12. jaanuar 2015

Style is everywhere

What is fashion and who is stylish ?

      For me fashion is everywhere, I seriously get inspiration from my surroundings. I take tips from all kind of personalities. For me there are no such thing as a "certain style".  You can't say to somebody that he or she is not stylish. It comes with your personality, mood and culture.I love people being different because the easiest way is to go mainstream. I like those glam girls, art people, office guys, skater boys, hippies and so on.
       And there are no such thing as ugly piece of clothing, with good styling you can still rock it. That's the part where confidence plays a huge roll. In my closet, you can find tons of different clothes. From dresses to XXL t-shirts, from heels to sneakers, from vintage to latest trends, from designer to fast fashion. Only wearing designer stuff don't make you stylish, you always need to have a little bit extra to make your outfit looking cool.  Have a taste that makes you memorable. And never worry what someone thinks, it's your outfit and your choice, wear it good.

So here is my latest photoshoot, I think it's my favorite. Just love the background and color combination. I also got some tips from my last "white obsession" post, wearing a basic t-shirt under my dress with some killer boots and a cap.

  Styling by Birgit Veskiväli
Photos by Laura Saimre
    Clothes from Zara and HM

Enjoy xx
Bergie style

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