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Obsession of white

How to wear..


Okay, so here is my "How to" post vol2. This time I decided to go with something very basic. Item that almost everybody has- a white t-shirt or a shirt. It's also one of my favorite pieces in my closet. But how to make it look different every time you wanna wear it?  I made you some options where you can choose from and later make up your own. In my collages, I used different white T's but you can create most of the looks with the same one. Enjoy the pics and let me know what you think.

Okay, this is for all the "office suit people". Try to mix your suit together with some statement T and crazy accessories. Also, choose sporty footwear to feel comfortable the whole day.

Crop tops are my absolute favorites but on winter time it's not a very warm pick. Usually I mix them up with my sleevless shirt with a collar. If you are wearing a crop top without a print then you can also add a statement necklace. On my collage I went with black trousers, statement ring and some crazy heels. If you're not a "heel person" then pick something you feel the most comfortable.

Next option I think is the coolest. Old school mom jeans with a basic T-shirt. It's the perfect Sunday look for me. If you love boyfriend jeans then you like these as well.

Give your party dress a totally different look. Dress a white T or a turtleneck under it. Perfect way to wear it on everyday basis.

If you don't want go with this sexy look, you can change the over knee boots with some sporty footwear. The key element of this collage is oversized t-shirt. Take your own or steal it from your boyfriend's closet. Also if you are going with the sporty look then wear with a beanie or a oldschool headband.

Hope you got some tips to make your outfits stand out more. Create something new everyday and never forget the accessories. Stay tuned for more. Next "How to " post will be uploaded soon.

                                                                           Enjoy XX
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