esmaspäev, 5. jaanuar 2015

All black everything

Windy adventure

I seriously don't care about the weather. Give me a storm and I will still go shooting. This time we just made some outfit pictures without no theme. Got my black vibe on with some leather pants and my favorite backpack with teddy bears. And because I'm such a leather jacket freak even on winter times, then the perfect way to wear it is with a furry waistcoat. I prefer the longer one, because it's a lot warmer. We had to deal with this crazy wind, but I even got some good pics, I was surprised. Please enjoy and stay tuned for more. I will make my new "How to" post as well this week.

Styling by Birgit Veskiväli
Pictures by Laura Saimre

Clothes: HM
Details: bag and gloves from Hipster

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