kolmapäev, 28. jaanuar 2015

Street style

Hey you all !

This post is for all my male readers. I decided to share my favorite street style looks with you. And whoever thinks it's easy for guys in the fashion world, then I don't think so. You have to work as hard as we do :D. I love when people have a little freaky edge with their looks- crazy bags, socks, hats, shoes and so on are WELCOME ! Your style shows your personality, never forget that.

Ripped denim with some sporty shoes are always welcome.

Very minimal look from both of them but the main things are accessories and shoes.

The latest trend in men's fashion. Wear your ankle lenght trousers with some printed socks.

Have to love this casual look with simple t-shirt and sweatpants. But again the shoes make the whole look complete.

This guy has a very strong personal style. Key accessory is definitely  the backpack.

All about grunge.

Different handbags are not for women, very fashionable and amazing outfit from this man.

This camel coat with those ozzy glasses are perfect combo.

He found the more causal look for those suit pants.

Suit and tie will be forever classical and stylish.

Enjoy xx
(I do no own these pictures)
pühapäev, 25. jaanuar 2015

The pleasures of winter

Fluffy world

Hello to all of you. I've been super busy as usual, trying to get all the things done at once. So many projects coming up lately but it's only a good thing, right? Anyways I always have time for some fashion shoot, so here it is.
    This time something with simple surroundings. We decided to make our photoshoot in the snowy forest. Although there's not much left anymore. Seriously time flies way too fast, only one more month and hello spring :D. My outfit is perfect for this kind of weather. It's the warmest thing ever and I think it's all you need for this winter. All the furry and fluffy things in any colour are fashionable. I decided to mix it together with high waist skinny jeans and my super comfy grunge boots. 

Styling by Birgit Veskiväli
Photos by Laura Saimre
Clothes from H&M



Enjoy xx
pühapäev, 18. jaanuar 2015

Denim on denim

Those rainy days

So what more can you do with rainy weather than go photo shooting. I guess most of the people would sleep :D, but I don't.  Our surroundings were quite creepy, but we are used to it. Always looking for those crazy places. This time I uploaded more "outfit details" for you. I love to wear same materials and prints together- denim on denim, leather on leather, top and bottom with the same print and so on. Just make your favorite pick.  I mixed my denim look with my favorite printed sweater. I guess I should call it "the casual look".

Styling by Birgit Veskiväli
Pictures by Laura Saimre
Clothes: trousers Zara, sweater and bracelets HM, shirt and boots (don't remember the store), bag from Hipster


Enjoy XX

esmaspäev, 12. jaanuar 2015

Style is everywhere

What is fashion and who is stylish ?

      For me fashion is everywhere, I seriously get inspiration from my surroundings. I take tips from all kind of personalities. For me there are no such thing as a "certain style".  You can't say to somebody that he or she is not stylish. It comes with your personality, mood and culture.I love people being different because the easiest way is to go mainstream. I like those glam girls, art people, office guys, skater boys, hippies and so on.
       And there are no such thing as ugly piece of clothing, with good styling you can still rock it. That's the part where confidence plays a huge roll. In my closet, you can find tons of different clothes. From dresses to XXL t-shirts, from heels to sneakers, from vintage to latest trends, from designer to fast fashion. Only wearing designer stuff don't make you stylish, you always need to have a little bit extra to make your outfit looking cool.  Have a taste that makes you memorable. And never worry what someone thinks, it's your outfit and your choice, wear it good.

So here is my latest photoshoot, I think it's my favorite. Just love the background and color combination. I also got some tips from my last "white obsession" post, wearing a basic t-shirt under my dress with some killer boots and a cap.

  Styling by Birgit Veskiväli
Photos by Laura Saimre
    Clothes from Zara and HM

Enjoy xx
Bergie style

laupäev, 10. jaanuar 2015

Obsession of white

How to wear..


Okay, so here is my "How to" post vol2. This time I decided to go with something very basic. Item that almost everybody has- a white t-shirt or a shirt. It's also one of my favorite pieces in my closet. But how to make it look different every time you wanna wear it?  I made you some options where you can choose from and later make up your own. In my collages, I used different white T's but you can create most of the looks with the same one. Enjoy the pics and let me know what you think.

Okay, this is for all the "office suit people". Try to mix your suit together with some statement T and crazy accessories. Also, choose sporty footwear to feel comfortable the whole day.

Crop tops are my absolute favorites but on winter time it's not a very warm pick. Usually I mix them up with my sleevless shirt with a collar. If you are wearing a crop top without a print then you can also add a statement necklace. On my collage I went with black trousers, statement ring and some crazy heels. If you're not a "heel person" then pick something you feel the most comfortable.

Next option I think is the coolest. Old school mom jeans with a basic T-shirt. It's the perfect Sunday look for me. If you love boyfriend jeans then you like these as well.

Give your party dress a totally different look. Dress a white T or a turtleneck under it. Perfect way to wear it on everyday basis.

If you don't want go with this sexy look, you can change the over knee boots with some sporty footwear. The key element of this collage is oversized t-shirt. Take your own or steal it from your boyfriend's closet. Also if you are going with the sporty look then wear with a beanie or a oldschool headband.

Hope you got some tips to make your outfits stand out more. Create something new everyday and never forget the accessories. Stay tuned for more. Next "How to " post will be uploaded soon.

                                                                           Enjoy XX
esmaspäev, 5. jaanuar 2015

All black everything

Windy adventure

I seriously don't care about the weather. Give me a storm and I will still go shooting. This time we just made some outfit pictures without no theme. Got my black vibe on with some leather pants and my favorite backpack with teddy bears. And because I'm such a leather jacket freak even on winter times, then the perfect way to wear it is with a furry waistcoat. I prefer the longer one, because it's a lot warmer. We had to deal with this crazy wind, but I even got some good pics, I was surprised. Please enjoy and stay tuned for more. I will make my new "How to" post as well this week.

Styling by Birgit Veskiväli
Pictures by Laura Saimre

Clothes: HM
Details: bag and gloves from Hipster

neljapäev, 1. jaanuar 2015

Say good-bye to the past, and hello to the future


Because it's new years the first day this post will be perfect. Found some inspiring quotes and created this magical scene for you. Good to have a fresh start and be ready for this craziness what is ahead. Write down all your goals and start to work as hard as possible. ;) I hope you have the best year so far.

Pics by Laura Saimre

Styling by Birgit Veskiväli


"Time is valuable, each day we write a page to our book of life. Make sure yours will be worth reading. "

 "Time can't stop, you can't change it or buy it. It keeps going.Step out of your comfort zone and start doing things right now or you will be dissapointed later."

" The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use."

"Always think wisely before you take action."
                                                   "Time can't speak to you, only show."

  "We never know what future brings, but we still are the creators of it. By taking action right now and start doing, you may soon find your answers."


                                                         I hope you got some inspiration and enjoyed it.