esmaspäev, 15. detsember 2014

Cozy knits


Today I will make a post about "How to wear different knitwear". Because it's the winters most wearable item, it's important to know it's varieties. How to make your knits look stylish and cool. I did some research and read different articles. So I will pack it up for you guys.

So first people think you can only wear chunky and big knitwear with a pair of jeans. Instead of picking the most basic look, try to dress yourself up. For me the coolest thing is  mixing. Next time try to put your big knitwear together with a pencil skirt or a dress. Trust me, it will give your knit a totally different breathing. 

   Also, when you have a short knitwear without a big collar try to dress a white shirt under it and also add a statement necklace.  

My next warm pick will be knitted ponchos or capes. Always go with the over-size, because then you can wear it as a dress and mix it together with over-knee boots. Also, another  great way to wear it, is to dress it over a leather jacket.

And my last pick will be a cozy Sunday outfit with some sneakers. Take your boyfriend jeans, beanie and a long warm cardigan with a statement t-shirt and you are ready to go.  

 I hope you got some tips, how to dress your cardigans/knits in different ways.  Enjoy the winter time as much as you can. Don't forget to play around with your outfits.